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Comets in the Community: The Mall Kiosk

by Mark Caswell, Jr.

Nov 7, 2016

Yesterday afternoon at the Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford, Richard Bachman and the Comets celebrated the Grand Opening of the first-ever Comets Mall Kiosk. Fans were encouraged to stop by and meet one of their starting goaltenders while browsing the newest Comets gear on the market.

With approximately 100 fans on hand, one young fan and his family in particlar had a great time and hung around for the entire hour.

“Whenever we get a chance to bring our son, Luke, to meet any of the Comets, we take the opportunity,” said season ticket holder Brian Balfe. “It is great to see the players off the ice and it gives us another reason to root for them, not just as a team or as players, but as a person too.”

After getting a couple autographs and a picture, Luke, a youth hockey goalie, spent the rest of his time telling the Comets goaltender about his first games in net over the weekend and picking his brain for tips.

“Getting a chance to mingle with the fans is always a great time for me,” said Bachman. “To me it is more than just signing autographs. It is getting to know fans on a personal level.”

Players will be at the kiosk meeting fans every non-Comets gameday. The schedule for of who will appear, and during what times, is located on our webpage, under the Fan Zone tab.

Fans can purchase all sorts of Comets gear to get signed right at the kiosk, or they can bring their own gear. Each player will have a set of trading cards at the table, free of charge, courtesy of the Save of the Day Foundation. Donations to the Save of the Day are encouraged and will be accepted right at the kiosk.

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