Mar 8, 2018

It wasn’t long ago the Comets were flying high with a 16-game point streak and climbing the standings quickly. A hockey season, however, is filled with ups and downs. The Comets now find themselves in the midst of a six-game losing stretch, something veterans like Jaime Sifers are acutely aware of.

"We're very aware of that situation and we're facing it head on. We can't brush it under the rug,” the defenseman said. “It doesn’t feel good to lose six in a row.”

Despite the losses, it hasn’t been without positives. In four of the six matchups, the Comets have outshot their opponents, including a 40-shot performance against Lehigh Valley on February 21.

“That’s what sucks for us right now; We can’t seem to put it in the net even though we’re getting chances,” said alternate captain Michael Chaput. “I think we’ll be alright going forward. We have a good group of guys.”

The 16-game points streak that stretched through the months of January and February gave the Comets a cushion in a tight North Division playoff race. A race that sees them 16 points ahead of fifth place Laval.

Even with such a comfortable lead, playoffs aren’t on the brain right now for the team.

"There's very little talk about the playoff picture," Sifers said. “Nothing is set in stone. We're starting to run out of regular season games which are opportunities to get points and climb in the standings.  We have a little over a month to go in the season and it'll be a game-by-game approach from here on out."

When things get tough throughout a season, sometimes the easiest answer is the most obvious solution according to Sifers.

“The mood is pretty simple: It is, ‘Get back to work.’”

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