Comets Tales: Audie

by Don Laible

Sep 16, 2015

The run up to a new season is always exciting, the possibilities are endless for all organizations. Hope is abundant for every team as familiar faces start returning to the comfortable routine of heading to their home team’s arena.

With the American Hockey League preparing to roll out its 80th anniversary season, and with the Comets season falling just a few games shy of winning the Calder Cup, anxiousness is in the air.

As fans speculate on what new treasures The AUD will hold for this season, they can count on a few “gimmes” including, the Sitrin Comettes, the “U-TI-CA” chant, and, of course, Audie.

In a hockey market that takes their game serious, and loyalty runs deep with the three-season franchise, acceptance by the rank and file team supporters doesn’t come easy.

In the case of Audie, a friendly, green, fuzzy alien that is an extremely large symbol of the Comets, is another example of what fans will expect to see on opening night. As mascots go, Audie demonstrates all the right moves on being a representative of the team. A large portion of Audie’s audience, children, look forward to his return in October.

Kids who may not be able to sit and watch each face-off, or follow each official’s whistle, naturally gravitate towards the lovable Audie. As a fan, receiving a high-five, posing for a photo with, or joining Audie to root on the Comets is a big deal. The spirit of the game is maintained by Audie, who has a Twitter account (@Comets_Audie) approaching 800 followers.

There are no cartwheels planned, however, Audie has been known to strap on a pair of skates in The AUD. Walking the corridors in The AUD, Audie,more often than not, is one member of the Comets team that fans have immediate access to. As a rallying point for many, Audie has been accepted as one of “them”.

Once out in the Comets’ crowd, Audie goes to work. There are no verbal interaction between a mascot and the public. They are a “can’t miss” symbol of the home team. In most cases, where the players are, particularly at off-ice functions, you will find their mascot.

This past season, as was the case during the Comets’ inaugural campaign, Audie made appearances at libraries, parties, the Boilermaker, St. Patrick Day parade down Genesee Street, and wherever the team needed to be represented. Audie is an all-the-time representative of the Comets. No ice, no problem.

This season, one of the Comets’ newest staffers Lizzie Muse is overseeing Audie’s availabilities. Muse, who serves as the team’s community relations coordinator, will quickly learn not only of Audie’s popularity, but of all the organizations who will want his presence.

As the primary developmental league for the National Hockey League, with the American Hockey League, you expect personnel movement. Players, coaches, and broadcasters come and go through promotions. However, mascots remain animated symbols of their franchise, and a beacon of stability.Visit Site

From his introduction to the hockey world on October 23, 2013, the Comets first-ever home game, Audie has worked for acceptance. As part of the overall Comets picture, come next month when The AUD’s doors swing open for opening night against the Rochester Americans, Audie will be a friendly site sought out by many.

Just seeing the massive amount of green fur coming in one’s direction at The AUD means hockey is here -again. How cool is that?

For information on having Audie attend an event, contact [email protected]

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