Dec 7, 2017

The AHL All-Star Classic returns to the Adirondack Bank Center January 28 & 29 and so do the mascots from around the league.

This also means that during the January 29 game, the players won’t be the only ones mixing it up on the ice.

During the 3-on-3 round robin tournament between the four divisions, the mascots of the league will participate in an on-ice free-for-all.

In a language not native to our home planet of Earth, Audie expressed his excitement for his chance to be a leader during the annual mascot game.

“Yes, it’s fun and all, but I’m here to win,” Audie squawked. “Cosmo, Crunchman, Duke and the rest better keep their heads up.”*

During the 2016 AHL All-Star Classic in Syracuse, MeLVin, the Lehigh Valley mascot, scored during the soccer match between the mascots, but it wasn’t his goal that got the crowd excited. Audie and Crunchman brought the classic Comets/Crunch rivalry battle to the All-Star Classic.

“He jumped me,” exclaimed Crunchman. “We were just trying to put on a fun event for the fans, but here comes Audie, out of nowhere. I got the takedown, but that’s not what matters.”

“Of course he claims I jumped him,” stated Audie, again in a tongue not native to Earth. “I’ll tell you right now, if we were mic-ed up, you’d understand I was justified.”*

Salty Pete, mascot of the former Portland Pirates now Springfield Thunderbirds, had a bird’s eye view of the scrap.

“Aye, I seen those two landlubbers flogging one another,” Salty said. “Couple of scallywags unable to put their differences aside for a single voyage!”

There is rampant speculation amongst the mascots of the AHL if this January the rivalry will continue.

“Heavens to Betsy, they sure had it out in 2016, didn’t they?” Asked Rochester’s The Moose. “I just tried to stay out of the way, wasn’t like I was crossing the interstate.”

The Moose wasn’t the only mascot expressing some concern for the tensions boiling over between Audie and Crunchman.

“Obviously both Audie and Crunchman wanted to get their teams going, so they scrapped,” said Max the Mascot, formerly of Binghamton. “I was far more focused on scoring and staying in the game.”

Only time will tell if we’ll see a rematch at the Adirondack Bank Center, but we think Audie has put it behind him.

“I’m ready to be a gracious host to all that attend this year,” Audie beeped and booped in his native tongue. “Hopefully the other mascots understand that we’ll go from there.”*

The 2018 AHL All-Star Classic presented by Turning Stone Resort Casino will include the AHL All-Star Skills Competition on Sunday, January 28, followed by the AHL All-Star Classic on Monday, January 29 at the Adirondack Bank Center at the Utica Memorial Auditorium.

Tickets for the exciting weekend of talent are still available by calling (315)-790-9070 or by visiting,


*We believe all Audie translations to be mostly accurate, NASA was reached out to for comment, but did not respond.

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