Save of the Day’s Turkey Delivery

Dec 11, 2015

For many, Thanksgiving is considered to be a time to show gratitude, give thanks and share a delicious meal with family and friends; to others, however, the holiday can be a reminder of their hardships. Recognizing this, the Utica Comets and the Rob Esche Save of the Day Foundation set out on a mission to ensure families had a meal to enjoy this Thanksgiving.

On Tuesday, November 24, the Comets players and staff delivered 200 turkeys donated by the Save of the Day Foundation to the Rescue Mission, helping those families less fortunate. From bagging potatoes, to hand delivering turkeys, to signing autographs – the players did it all.

“The players exemplified what community spirit is all about,” said Rescue Mission Executive Director Ernie Talerico. “Taking time out of their schedules to have that personal one-on-one interaction with those in need showed each individual and family that the Comets players and organization care about them. The generosity and service the players provided put a smile on men, women and children’s faces because they left knowing they could have a Thanksgiving meal to enjoy in their own home.”

After helping the families, the players also visited the Rescue Mission’s Comets room, where the new to this year’s team Comets autographed the walls. Painted in Comets colors, the Comets room was a vision that became a reality with the help of donations collected at the 2013 Utica Comets St. Patty’s game, and is part of a new aftercare program for men who are in long-term recovery.

“This program would not have been possible without the generosity of the Comets and the Save of the Day Foundation,” explained Talerico. “The program has had lasting positive effects on men’s lives; the men always comment on the ‘Comets room,’ and are grateful for both the program and the Comets organization.”

The partnership between the Rescue Mission, the Utica Comets and Save of the Day will continue annually for years to come. “It’s an honor to have the opportunity to donate to such a great cause and to be able to embrace the terrific work The Rescue Mission does year after year,” said Comets President Rob Esche. “It’s an endeavor that’s important to everyone in our organization – especially during the holiday season.”

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