Succesful Mentorship Program Continues in Second Year

Succesful Mentorship Program Continues in Second Year

by Adam Pawlick

Dec 6, 2016

At the conclusion of last season, the Jr. Comets organization reflected on the year and asked parents for their opinion on what they enjoyed. A unanimous response from the parents was the positive effect of the mentorship program on their child. In addition, the Jr. Comet players regarded the program as the most unique experience they have encountered as a hockey player.

For the 2015-16 season, the Jr. Comets organization with the help of the AHL’s Utica Comets began a mentorship program. One Utica Comet player would draft two Utica Jr. Comet youth hockey players to become a mentor for them. Some mentorship activities included dinner, an off-ice activity such as bowling and time together on the ice during youth hockey practice. The overall success of the program was astounding. This year for the 2016-2017 season the program is back again.

“The Jr. Comets mentorship program allows us as professional players to give back to some of the young kids in our community,” Wacey Hamilton commented. “It is extremely important for us to be leaders for these kids, help them on the ice but more importantly off the ice. The Comets’ team has been lucky enough to have good role models growing up, so it’s our turn to fit that mold for these kids.”

This season, Aidan Nutty and Kyle Martino, both of whom currently play on the 2004 AAA team were selected by Wacey Hamilton to be their mentor for the season. Over the last few months the Comets winger has exceled with his mentorship role becoming acquainted with the two young players on a personal level. Recently Hamilton was able to join Aidan and Kyle on the ice during their youth hockey practice.

“It’s an overall amazing experience, not only to be in the presence of these amazing players but to actually interact and be friends with our home team,” Jr. Comet Kyle Martino stated. “When I heard I was paired with Wacey, I was ecstatic. He has been an amazing mentor and even talks to me about my games and how I can improve. I’m very excited about the mentorship program and what the year has in store us.”

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