Sunday Q&A with Darren Archibald

Sunday Q&A with Darren Archibald

by Mark Caswell, Jr.

Nov 27, 2016

Darren Archibald is perhaps the most familiar face in Utica Comets history.

Physical, productive, and popular on and off the ice, "Archi" this season has found scoring success with linemate Curtis Valk.  The Comets' four-year letterman continues to find the back of the net, often times in dramatic fashion.

Q: Any special reason why the Comets are streaking?
A:  The season is a process. At the start of the year, we had new faces, and our share of adversity.  This is when other guys had to step up.

Q: When did the chemistry between you and Curtis Valk kick in?
A:  I could see it in practice. It's nice when you could contribute on the scoresheet.  I've been with "Valkie" for a couple weeks, and with team success comes individual success. It's been fun.

Q:  You've played in all 18 Comets games, you have 10 points - how happy are you?
A:  I try and prep for each game the same. You just want to get things going early; to get an advantage.

Q:  You scored the OT goal winner against Springfield, one week earlier, the same happened against Hartford. Those are confidence builders, no?
A:  They kind of just happened (laughs).  Games like that make you want to create plays. They're very emotional.

Q:  Was the goal against the Thunderbirds at The AUD your best individual moment in your four years in Utica?
A:  It's one of them. The energy in the building that night was amazing.  That was a bit of a fluky goal.  I didn't think it was going to go in. You want to make plays, and make the best of the opportunities. It definitely was a special moment.

Q:  How many times have you been reminded of "The Hit"  - 11/20/13 -  that you put on Lake Erie's Karl Stollery at The AUD?
A:  Once in a while the fans here (Utica) will bring it up. It's a memorable moment from my past, for sure.  When it happened, because of social media, the video of the hit spread like wildfire.

Q:  Have you ever spoken with Stollery about the hit, and did you have a laugh over it?
A:  No. Never have spoken with him.  I don't know him at all.  Cannata (former Comets' goalie Joe Cannata) knows him from playing together in college (Merrimack College).  I think Joe talked with him about it.

Q:  How many times have you watched your hitting Stollery on video?
A:  Too many times to count.  The hit will be sent to my Twitter (@arch2five) account by fans, and I see it pop up elsewhere.

Q:  With you being in Utica for parts of four seasons, how do you deal with being recognized in public?
A:  Utica is a small town. Hockey fans have eyes on you always. The Comets have such a big fan base, it's hard to go anywhere where we aren't noticed. Fans just want to say hi. Utica is a great city to be a part of.

Q:  What's the best Christmas present you have received?
A:  Last year my mom pulled out of my closet the jersey I wore for my NHL debut with the Canucks, framed it, and now I have it hanging up.

Q: Three dinner guests; who you inviting?
A.  Barack Obama, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods

Q:  What type of advice have your teammates come to you for, in being with the Comets for four seasons?
A:  The young guys ask about the city and the surrounding area. The hockey stuff we speak about is mainly for them getting used to the sytems we have here.  Buying into the systems is important.  It's the little things that are important for success.

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