Sunday Q&A with Michael Carcone

Sunday Q&A with Michael Carcone

by Mark Caswell, Jr.

Oct 30, 2016

Last July, in the midst of a youth movement, the Vancouver Canucks signed undrafted free agent Michael Carcone. The first stop in the 20 yearold winger's professional career - the Utica Comets.  Coming off a 47-goal scoring season in the QMJHL, Carcone has high hopes to keep finding the back of the net has he makes the transition to the pro ranks.

Q: Your pro debut came in Toronto, thirty minutes from your hometown. Was that experience eveything you thought it would be?
A:  It was crazy. Pretty exciting. I had a big crowd there. My girlfriend, my family; just a lot of support.

Q:  How many tickets did you need?
A: 20

Q:  Since your're from the Greater Toronto area, did skating at Richo Coliseum make your first game even more special?
A:  Being close to home was very special. You hear about guys who make their NHL debut in their home city, and think wow - that's crazy. It was a great experience.

Q:  You're from Ajax (Ontario) - big Toronto sports fan?
A: Ajax is about a 45-minute drive from Toronto. I watch the Jays, Leafs, and Raptors.

Q: Follow the Marlies?
A: No

Q:  Tough seeing the Jays get so close to the World Series?
A:  That stunk. I wanted them to go all the way. While I was in Vancouver (training camp), I was following them.

Q:  When in Toronto what's on your to-do list?
A:  Oh, a lot of little things. There's the aquarium (Ripley's Aquarium of Canada), the eating center, and the Amsterdam (BrewHouse & Restaurant).

Q:  Your first year in juniors (Drummondville Voltigeurs), Anthony Brodeur was your teammate. Did you sense an increase in media following your team, having Martin Brodeur's son in goal?
A:  No, not really. Anthony is humble, and a good buddy. When I am in Ottawa, I visit him. That's where he's going to school.

Q:  Your points doubled, from your first season to your second with the Voltigeurs. Why the difference?
A:  In my first year (41 points), I had a couple injuries to deal with - a broken thumb and two concussions. I was out for six weeks. Last year (89 points), I was confident and healthy. I also had great chemistry with my teammates.

Q:  You and Thatcher Demko are the youngest Comets this season.  Any mentors yet?
A: All the older guys. They're pretty good in showing me what I'm doing wrong, so I make it right. In this league it's all about teaching, and I appreciate all of them.

Q:  Any family members playing hockey?
A:  I have two brothers (ages 26 and 29). One was done after playing Junior C, and the other Junior A.  Jake's the oldest. He had the hands. My middle brother - the speed. I get a lot of chirping (laughs) from them.

Q:  First hockey jersey you had?
A:  Leafs.

Q: Favorite player growing up?
A:  Darcy Tucker

Q:  Dd you go to Leafs games as a kid?
A: No. Never have gone. I said I wouldn't go to the ACC until I was playing in the NHL.  But, I did "break down" this year, and go to the World Cup.

Q:  When you have downtime, what do you like to do?
A:  I play NHL 17, and watch movies, usually comedies.

Q: Favorite comedy?
A: Step Brothers.

Q:  Best dresser on the Comets?
A:  I'd have to say (Marco) Roy. I like his style.

Q:  If you could have dinner with any three people, who are you passing bread to?
A:  Gretzky, Kane, and Sid. Sid (Crosby) is the best player in the world.

Q:  You've been in Utica now for about one month - your thoughts on the city?
A:  I'm Italian, it feels like home (laughs).


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