Dec 5, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, several players got a chance to spend time with some of our country’s veterans and learn a little more about their service. 

Sitrin Health Care Center transformed their Community Center into a shooting range for the afternoon with air-powered pellet guns and five targets. They invited Carter Bancks, Jaime Sifers, Wacey Hamilton, Brendan Woods, Joseph LaBate, and Ashton Sautner to attend an Adaptive Shooting Program as a part of their Military Civilian Coalition.

"It's enjoyable for the veterans to teach others the specialty skills that they have experience in, such as target shooting," said Jackie Warmuth, VP of Clinical Development. "These veterans are so finely trained in the skill of shooting, and this exercise allows them to educate others and give back to the community."

After the veteran’s taught the Comets how to use the scopes and air rifles they all took place in a friendly competition. They shot at targets at their resting heart-rate and then they were asked to do pushups and sit-ups to raise their heart-rate to simulate a high stress shooting situation.

“We met a great group of men today. Not only did we get personal shooting lessons from the vets, we had some good laughs and heard first-hand the different jobs they did to keep us safe,” said Jaime Sifers. “A very memorable day, to say the least!”

The shooting program is a part of the Military Rehabilitation Program and is designed to promote camaraderie, advocacy, educational opportunities, and transitional support to civilian life for local veterans. The group meets at various locations in the community and enables veterans and civilians to interact through social and athletic endeavors.

New members are always welcome to join, and can participate in such activities as TRX suspension training, archery, art demonstrations, target shooting, therapeutic hand drumming, and more. To learn more about Sitrin’s initiatives to support veterans in their transition to civilian life click here:

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